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This User Manual contains an overview of the functionality in Orexplore Insight.

The contents are divided into following three main parts:

  • Introduction: Instructions on how to install the program and how to access the drill core scan data as Holes and Projects.
  • Basic Features: Description of features that mainly allow the user to inspect results from the drill core scan analysis.
  • Advanced Features: Description of features that allow the user to interactively extend, annotate and export the already available results.

The screenshots below show the general structure of the program and its components:


  1. Menu bar and tool bars
  2. List of boreholes
  3. Depth scale
  4. Tomographic preview of hole
  5. Concentration plot view
  6. Density plot view
  7. 3D tomography view
  8. Concentration summaries
  9. Render settings
  10. Concentrations map

Additional widgets and toolboxes (not seen in the image) also include:

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