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Core Photos

It is often helpful to compare the X-ray based scan data from the GeoCore X10 to the more well-known content offered by traditional photos. Insight therefore offers the possibility to load and show Core Photos, with automated coupling to the displayed depth range.

Showing Photos

To start viewing photos, open the Core Photos toolbox found in the menu bar:

Show Photos Toolbox

The photos are now shown in a new window:

Photos Toolbox Shown

The window can be freely moved around and always stays on top of main window of the program. This allows the user to chose which other areas to keep visible (or block) for comparison to the photos.

Adjusting the Photo View

The zoom level of the photo view can be adjusted using either the scroll functionality of the mouse or touchpad, or by pressing the + or - key with Core Photos as the active window.

Once zoomed in on a part of the photo, the view can be panned (up, down, left and right) by "dragging" the photo with the left mouse button, or by pressing any of the four arrow keys on the keyboard with Core Photos as the active window.

The photo can also be rotated by clicking the Rotate photo button, until the desired rotation is achieved.


To easily adjust the window and its zoom level to a rough preference of size, the following steps may often be useful:

  1. Adjust the Core Photos window to the wanted size: Window Resized
  2. Click the Fit photo to current window size button: Adjust Photo
  3. Click the Fit window to current photo size button: Adjust Photo

Automatic Photo Selection

The Core Photos window will per default change the displayed photo in accordance with depth range changes in the Preview area.

The Photo Indicators, shown on the right side in the Preview area illustrates both where photos are available, and which photo is currently displayed:

Photo Indicators

Alternatively, the user may opt to manually change the current photo by pressing the Show the next photo or Show the previous photo button in the lower right corner of the window.

The automatic photo update may also be toggled on and off using the Auto checkbox.

Photo Controls

Customized Photo Files

If no photos were available at the time of the scan, or if an upgrade is in order, it is possible to manually add / replace the photo files, by following these rules:

  1. The photo files must be in one of the three following image formats: jpg / jpeg, png or tif / tiff.
  2. The photo files must be placed in a directory named core-photos, placed directly within the Hole directory itself (e.g /HOLE01/core-photos).
  3. The photo file names must be of the format A_X.x-Y.y.Z, where A represents any abitrary file name accepted by your desktop environment (e.g. MyHole-3_BoxPHOTO4), X.x the start depth (e.g. 8.41), Y.y the end depth (e.g. 102.1) and z an applicable file extension (e.g. png).


While the Core Photos toolbox is primarily designed for the display of core tray photos, it is also possible to display other types of data by adding the files in the same format. This includes, for instance, zoomed in photos of smaller regions on a core, or even data plots produced from alternative scanning techniques.