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Rock Density

The GeoCore X10 analysis offers multiple rock density data sets, as can be found by picking Show → Density from the menu bar

Show Density

which brings up the Density plot view:

Density Shown

The measured density (blue) is presented at sample resolution, with one data point per scanned sample. These density values are based on the weight of the sample, as measured by the load cell of the GeoCore X10 during scanning, divided by the rock volume calculated from the 3D tomography image. The estimated error in the measured density (including error estimates both for the mass and the volume) is shown in the plot as a shaded region around each measured density value

The predicted density (orange) is available in up to 8 mm resolution. These density values are obtained from tabulated mineral densities combined with mineral mixture ratios from the mineralogical fit (see Element Concentrations), divided by the rock volume considered in the mineralogical fit. The average of the predicted density is additionally shown as a dashed line for each sample, to facilitate comparison to the measured density.


The predicted density is only available for sections where the XRF signals are not degraded (see Degraded XRF Signals).

Unlike the measured density, there is no direct error estimate of the predicted density, as it depends strongly on the performance of the underlying mineral fit, which in turn depends on a suitable choice of mineral list. The measured density (mass) is therefore employed as reference for the predicted density (mass) in the Quality Control plot view.

For information on how to export densities to CSV, and information about the measured density error estimate, see Exporting Volume, Mass, Density, Concentrations, and Attenuation Segmentations.


Older versions of the analysis software did not include the density data sets. The plot view may therefore be empty when viewing scans that were analyzed prior to 1 April 2019.