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Getting Started


Orexplore Insight is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux. Below are installation instructions for each of the platforms.


Example screenshots used within this manual have been produced with the Kubuntu flavor of Ubuntu (Linux). The exact look of the program and its components may therefore vary, depending on your choice of platform.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Begin by launching the Windows Installer Package (.msi) file:


  2. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation procedure:


  3. After the installation has finished, you'll find an Orexplore Insight shortcut on the desktop:


Apple macOS

  1. Begin by opening the Apple Disk Image (.dmg) file:


  2. Complete the installation by dragging the Insight application to Applications :


  3. The application is now available under Go → Applications :



  1. Make the AppImage (.AppImage) file executable and then run it, through your file manager or terminal program of choice:



  2. The AppImage is a self-contained build of the program that should work on most Linux distributions. For file association to the .insight and .insight-project filename extensions (as described below) please refer to the documentation of your particular desktop enviroment.

Starting the Application

There are three ways to start the application:

  • Double clicking the application shortcut: Insight will start up with an empty project created.

  • Double clicking an Insight Project File (.insight-project): Insight will start up and load the project. See Working with Projects for more information.

  • Double clicking an Insight Hole File (.insight): Insight will start, create a new project and add the hole to the project. See Working with Holes for more information.

Configuring the Language

The program is available in English, Spanish and Swedish. You can configure the application language by choosing Settings → Configure Language... from the menu bar on Windows and Linux, or Insight → Preferences... on macOS. Language changes take effect when the program is restarted.

The default choice is System Language. In this mode the program will adapt to the language of your operating system. If there is no translation available for the system language, English will be used.

Entering a License File

Without a license file, the program is restricted to only opening example data available at Orexplore's website. If you are a customer of Orexplore, you will have been given a license file which you need to enter.

If you are just evaluating Orexplore Insight using example data, you can skip this step.

To enter your license file:

  1. Choose Help → Manage License... from the menu bar. A window will appear for managing your license:


  2. Choose Browse..., select your license file (.json) and click Open :


  3. Information about the selected license will be displayed:


    Status Valid indicates the license is valid, while Expired or Invalid would indicate a problem with the license. Confirm the selection with OK and the application will start.