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Working with Holes

An Insight project contains a list of holes, each holding scan results from a particular borehole. You can see the list of holes in the current project in the Holes list to the far left in the application:

Holes List

The active hole is indicated using bold text in the Holes list, and can be changed by double-clicking any of the other available holes.


Like several other widgets in the program, the Holes list can be "folded" to save screenspace by clicking the < icon. To restore the widget to its original size and functionality, simply click the > icon found on its folded representation.


Adding a Hole

  1. Add a hole to the project by picking Hole → Add... from the menu bar or the Add Hole... toolbar button.

  2. Select the Insight Hole File (.insight) for the hole you wish to add, and confirm with Open.

The selected hole is added to the project and automatically opened.

Alternatively, a hole can also be added through a "drag and drop" action with the Insight Hole File, from your file manager to the Holes list.

Removing a Hole

  1. Select the hole you wish to remove by single-clicking it in the Holes list.

  2. Remove the selected hole by picking Hole → Remove from the menu bar. You can also right-click the hole in the Holes list and pick Remove.


Removing a hole will also permanently erase all user data associated with it in the project (see Projects for details), both from the current session and from the project file when saved. Make sure you really want to remove the hole before doing so.

Renaming a Hole

The name shown for the hole in the Holes list can be changed.

  1. Select the hole you want to rename and pick Hole → Rename... from the menu bar. You can also right-click the hole to rename and pick Rename.

  2. Enter the new name and confirm with OK.

Locating a Hole

In case the location of the hole folder has changed since it was added to the project, you can pick Hole → Locate... from the menu bar, and select its new location. The hole can then be activated as normal, by double-clicking it in the list.