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Importing and Plotting Numerical Data

External numerical down hole data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format can be imported to help interpretation of the core.

Suitable CSV file contains:

  • one column for Hole ID with text values,
  • one column for From depth in meters,
  • one column for To depth in meters, and
  • one or more numerical data columns.

The numerical data cells may contain numbers or can be left empty. Text is not accepted and causes the import to fail.


To import numerical down hole data, choose Hole → Import Numerical Down Hole Data... in the menu bar:

Import Numerical Down Hole Data

For importing: the file path, file format, columns to be imported, and the ID of the Hole has to be specified through a series of dialog boxes. See CSV Import.

Imported Numerical Data Plot View

Once the data is imported, the view - showing the imported data as curves - is automatically opened:

Imported Numerical Down Hole Data Plot

Later on the view can be hidden and made visible by picking Show → Imported Numerical Data.

Customizing the Plot View

The plot can be customized:

  • individual data series can be made hidden or visible,
  • all data series can be hidden by picking Clear Selection, and
  • the horizontal scale can be selected between Linear Scale and Logarithmic Scale.

Additionally all imported data can be deleted from the Project by picking Delete All.

These functionalities can be reached from the popup menu by right-clicking the plot view:

Popup Menu


The Imported Numerical Down Hole Data is part of the Project; so please remember to save your project, to not lose the imported data.