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Navigating a Hole

The Depth Scale

The Depth view between the Holes list and Preview area marks the scanned depth, i.e. the drill depth along the borehole axis entered during the sample scanning.

Depth Scale

The depth scale is shared for the Preview and all of the plot views, which allows to visually correlate the results.


To precisely track the depth across multiple views, a Depth indicator can be activated by picking Show → Depth Indicator from the menu bar:

Show Depth

The indicator tracks the current cursor position across all relevant areas, and writes out the corresponding depth in the Depth scale area.

Depth Indicator

The Preview

The Preview area between the Depth view and Concentrations plot shows the drill core tomography for the active hole, and provides navigation along and around the drill core.

At low zoom levels, when more than 4 meters of core is visible, it will show a rough approximation of the tomography:

Preview Schematic

At higher zoom levels, the actual 3D tomographic image of the core is shown, giving a more detailed view of the core structure:

Preview Tomography

Panning and Rotating the Core

To pan and rotate the Preview:

  1. Activate the pan and rotate tool from the toolbar:

    Pan and Rotate Tool

  2. Click and drag the mouse in the Preview area. Sideways motion rotates the core around its axis while up and down motion pans the view to another depth.


You can also use the Up and Down arrow keys on the keyboard to pan the view up and down. The Preview area must have been clicked at least once using the mouse for this to work.

Zooming In and Out

Use the mouse scroll wheel or two finger scrolling on your touch pad to zoom the Preview in and out.

To go to a specific depth in meters, pick Hole → Go to Depth... from the menu bar or press Ctrl + G on the keyboard:

Go to Depth

Enter the depth and confirm with OK:

Enter Depth