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Working with Projects

A project allows to group together related Holes into a common workspace.

The project also holds user annotations and settings, such as

which allows the user input to be stored without modifying the original scan data.


Copies of your project files can also be used as a convenient and lightweight format to share results with your colleagues and collaborators. Note that it may be neccessary to Locate a Hole when using the new copy of the project.

Creating a New Project

Choose Project → New from the menu bar to create a new project:

Project New

Opening an Existing Project

Choose Project → Open... from the menu bar to open an existing project:

Project Open Menu

You can also use the Open Project... button in the toolbar:

Project Open Toolbar

Saving a Project

Choose Project → Save from the menu bar to save the current project:

Project Save

To rename a project use Project → Save As...:

Project Save As